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Curtain Support to Schools from Vanelli Social Responsibility Community

Curtain Support to Schools from Vanelli Social Responsibility Community


Vanelli Social Responsibility Community determines the schools that need curtains throughout the country and provides assistance according to their needs.


Vanelli continues to contribute to education and training with “Better Future&Better Education” motto.


Vanelli adopts that all students need to study in safer schools and feel better. So all of Vanelli team beleive that; supporting education and students will help the development of our society and country.


For this purpose, Vanelli equips schools with new curtains, creates new and more spacious spaces for students.


Proud of being a role model within the scope of social responsibility.


Vanelli Social Responsibility Community’s first priority is providing the necessary conditions for students and schools that’s why Vanelli aim to join more social education projects.


Chairman of the Executive Board of Vanelli Erol Türkün wants to reach more schools in need and also said, “It is an honor and happiness for us to take part in projects where we can contribute to students in education. We hope that we will build a beautiful world for the future of our children by increasing the number of such projects day by day.” He emphasized the importance given by Vanelli to social responsibility projects in this field.

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