Design Studio
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Our work is never fully accomplished creating textile inspirations means to continually evolve. At our design studio in Bursa, we compose and develop products to impress with their visual quality, functionality, and hence their added value. In doing so, we leverage many years of experience, recognise fashion trends right from the start, and, if possible, make your wishes come true.

Inspiration & innovation
Vanelli's passion lies with developing new fabrics. Under the direction of Erol Turkun our product management and design team of 20 people create, weave, colour and print - launching more than 4 collections per year.

It all starts with inspiration.
Vanelli approaches textile design from various perspectives, all equally valuable. We find inspiration in many different places nature, fashion, architecture, or from a particular yarn that we want to showcase.
Maybe a new manufacturing technique or process or a weave structure. It may even start with a pattern, though, contrary to popular belief, this is not always where a fabric begins.
The resources from where we draw our best ideas are never ending. To ensure that they lead to a product and hence success we bundle them into a sound first draft for a development.