Dyeing &Amp; Printing

We have a monthly capacity of 150 tons. We are capable of making reactive and disperse dyeing with full automation systems with our beam dyeing, padpatch dyeing and jet dyeing machines. All chemicals and dyes are conveyed to the machines untouched with our automation system. We are capable of dyeing a wide range of fabrics from upholstery to drapery and table linens to sheer organza and polyester, cotton, cationic yarns and their blends. 

In our laboratories, dyeing works are weighed in automation and numerous chemical and physical tests can be done and thus we have the opportunity to serve our customers in a wide range. Water fastness, sublimation fastness, incombustibility, friction fastness, washing fastness and light fastness are among our primary tests. Used dyes are approved and reported with spectral analysis.

We have a monthly printing capacity of 200.000 to 250.000 mt with rotation or with film-druck Buser brand wide printing machinery. Our operation is able to implement devore (burn-out), dipers pigment, reactive and  foil printing and with a diversity of techniques and digital printing on polyester for wide and narrow width fabrics.