Our Factory

Our factories located in Bursa industrial district and based on 50.000 m2 with 650 employees.
Our diversified production starts from yarn dying, preparing, weaving, piece dyeing, threating, printing ,digital printing,finishing, pleating to ready made production for home and contract textiles.We are working with aprx. 4000 different type of yarns and 600 tons in stockWe have 400 different warp types.We make important investments to keep our machinery and technology updated.All our production and managment is computerized. We are using SAP and PORINI programs.We are using NED GRAPHIS for our design department.

VANELLI now has the most advanced factories in the world using high-tech weaving machinery and computerized technology with ISO9001 TUVcertification.

Our Monthly capacities:
• Yarn dying; 180 tons
• Yarn twisting and preparing; 150 tons
• Weaving; 400.000m with 162 looms
• Piece dying; 160 tons
• Wet print, digital print and burnout; 200.000m
• Fabric finishing and threating; 2.000.000m