In our weaving mill we are processing the yarn to the completed fabric.VANELLI now has one of the most advanced factories in the world using high-tech weaving machinery and computerized technology, with capacity of weaving 400.000m with 162 looms.

At Vanelli, each production step takes place at a special location. We operate, sizing, warping, weaving, quality control.—gives us the entire repertoire for a textile production that is as inspired as it is innovative. In compliance with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and a certified management system ISO 9001. All our production and managment is computerized. We are using SAP and PORINI programs.We are using NED GRAPHIS for our design department.

Modern and versatile loom weaving with a maximum weaving width of 330 cm to 150 cms allows the production of opaque and sheer fabrics, %100 linens, drapery fabrics, trevira to upholstery fabrics.We are working with aprx. 4000 different type of yarns and 600 tons in stock.We have 400 different warp types.Metre by metre, our fabrics are checked for quality, then carefully rolled up for storage and to limit the risk of material damage during shipping.