Trevira Cs

Put a limit to the fire hazard, but not to your creativity: Vanelli have developed a beautiful Trevira CS  range without any compromise on look & feel.

Trevira CS flame retardant fabrics play a very important role in Vanelli's collections.
As standard all Trevira CS products satisfy the strictest flammability requirements.
Vanelli have a diverse collection of Trevira CS designs and qualities in many colour ways from sheer to upholstery through drapery and print.On offer is a diverse range of woven products and prints that are performance driven that satisfy the industry standards for hospitality, healthcare and commercial installations.
Vanelli's sales department specializes in meeting the challenges of this competitive marketplace and are ready to help achieve your goals.
Vanelli received the Best Trevira product award of 2016 from Trevira for the most attractive and innovative Trevira CS product.
Vanelli have been a gold member of the Trevira CS club since its formation.